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About Great Touch Cleaning

Clutter. Dust. Grime and Grease. Is this what you come home to after a long day’s work? One quick call to (847) 562-5405, and the meticulous team of Great Touch Cleaning in Schaumburg, Illinois will show up with mops, brooms, cleansers, dusters, scrubbers…whatever it takes to pleasantly surprise you when you get home tomorrow. From Hoffman Estates to Arlington Heights, our residential house cleaning is unmatched. We even have an A+ Rating with the BBB, and don't forget we also offer office cleaning too! To schedule your local maid services, call (847) 562-5405.

Great Touch Cleaning

Any cleaning service should be able to do the basics. Of course, we will do complete vacuuming, bathroom, and kitchen cleaning. But we’re not your basic cleaning service! Our professional cleaning company also offers complete laundry services and appliance cleaning upon request. The consistency of our affordable house cleaning service means your toaster won’t migrate from one counter to another, and your towels will be folded the same way every time.

itasca window cleaning 

Keep your home’s windows crystal clean and looking pristine with Itasca Window Cleaning! They are trusted partners & friends of Great Touch Cleaning so we know you can relay on their services.

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When it comes to finding a high quality housekeeper in Schaumburg, Illinois you want to find a team that is dedicated to your satisfaction. Our cleaning checklist is among the most comprehensive in the business making us a reliable option for any homeowner. We specialize in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and more. Contact us for more information. 

Office Cleaners

Office Cleaners 

Day-to-day traffic in your office can leave your work space cluttered and dirty. If you would like a professional cleaner to come in and pick up around your office contact Great Touch Cleaning. We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services perfect for any business. If you would like more information or want to schedule a consultation with our cleaners call - (847) 562-5405 

Moving Out Cleaning 

Moving is rarely fun. Especially when you have to worry about picking up every little thing to avoid accruing additional charges from your property manager. With years of experience, we are a reliable choice for anyone looking to have their move out cleaning handled by a professional. Located in Schaumburg we serve all surrounding areas including Hoffman Estates, and beyond.  

Bathroom Cleaning 

Bathroom Cleaners

It is vitally important to have your bathroom clean and hygienic. If you have visitors to your home or office there is nothing worse than a dirty restroom. Remember, if you want clean sparkling bathrooms, we are the professionals to contact. So call Great Touch Cleaning today on (847) 562-5405 and let us get to work for you. 

Bedroom Cleaning 

Bedroom Cleaning 

At Great Touch Cleaning we will do everything to make absolutely sure your bedroom is spic and span, free from dust and grime, and a place where you can “turn in” at night knowing it is spotlessly clean and fresh. So if you need someone to keep your bedroom clean and tidy then look no further than Great Touch Cleaning. We are the best in the business and are waiting for you to call us on (847) 562-5405. 

Kitchen Cleaners 

Kitchen Cleaners 

Whether we are cooking at home or using our office premises, it is imperative that everything in the kitchen is hygienic, clean and safe. In short everything will be done to make sure your kitchen is super-clean. So if you are in or near Schaumburg, Illinois, contact Great Touch Cleaning at (847) 562-5405 for all kitchen cleaning requirements. 

Residential and Commercial Cleaners

Residential Cleaners and Office Cleaning in Schaumburg, Illinois

What could be fresher than a thorough spring cleaning? Mopping, sweeping, and dusting is our middle names. When our house cleaning service is finished, you’ll feel calm and collected, because the surroundings we leave you with will feel as renewed as an April breeze. We don’t stop at house cleaning. Let us tell you about the affordable office cleaning services we offer. After all, don’t your employees deserve to work in a clean and comfortable environment?

Our janitorial services include cleaning from top to bottom or just light touch-ups. We can schedule you for weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly commercial cleaning to meet your needs. Great Touch Cleaning is the top provider of residential house cleaning and maid services in Streamwood and Hoffman Estates. Our professional cleaning company services are catered to you and your family. For more information on our local house cleaning, contact us today.